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23 February, 2007

Hello there!

Woo :) Have been real busy lately. Not much time for updates, but they are really needed now!
I have received tons of e-mail from all over the world requesting information and containing advise, so coming weeks I will undertake a major refurbishments on the site.

Now the Roborovski hamster is becoming more and more widespread, my site is becoming outdated. Also breeders and roborovski owners alike have been sending lots of experiences and information about the robo that I have not included before.

The most important is the question about the validity of the claim that the so called Platinum or Isabella is caused by a separate color mutation or that it is in fact the normal WF mutation just expressing itsef differently.

I have henceforth removed the Platinum/Isabella as a separate color until I have more definite proof and information about this subject and have more clarity if the fade to white phenomenons observed in some WF roborovskis are a good thing or not.

I will also try to complete the extremely neglected Russian dwarf hamster sections though I am not sure I will manage those this month.

Hope to see you back soon!



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