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14 December, 2007

New Roborovskis coming home!

When I will be home after the holidays there will be two new faces waiting for me at home. My friend Tamara is so kind to pick up two new furry heroes for me in my absence :) I promise to post some mug shots when I get home. And.... Hopefully I will have my brand spanking new IP cam working by then! With two new faces to watch I hope I will be able to resurrect the old Web Cam section.

Also I hope to get around to putting on line the media and movies sections. And the newly written FAQ with answers to lots of the questions that have been asked by email over the past few years. Only then will I have fully ported my whole old site to this new one. So stay tuned. Fun things to come in the New Year!

So for now Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!