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26 November, 2015

Woops, I'm home!

It has been a long time since I have really updated the site after all of my site content was lifted and hot-linked a few years back (and kept being copied every time I added something new).
It's kinda hard to keep motivated that way.
However, I have noticed a surge in web traffic over the last months and keep getting more and more e-mails asking questions and offering extra information.
I feel the time has come to not care anymore about what happens to new content I put online.
I set out first and foremost to help people get the right kind of information about those little beady eyed fluffy monsters and to help people in need. It shouldn't matter where they get their info from, as long as it does any good!
So sorry if I haven't been getting back to your e-mails, I got pretty much ambushed by you guys in the last couple of months :-) I like to write lengthy and thoughtful replies and those are not always the most swift. However I read everything you guys sent me!
See you soon!